Travel Advice

We have put together a few helpful pieces of advice and information to ensure your trip to Zambia is as worry-free as possible. Please talk with us should you have any concerns or questions about visiting the Livingstone area.

Tips for The Club

Children: Ages 6 years and older are welcome at The Club; a host of activities await all ages both on property as well as at the nearby Victoria Falls.
Credit Cards: Visa and MasterCard accepted.
Disabled access: Two suites offer wheelchair access.
Electricity: All rooms have mains 240V power with generator back up, UK plugs are available in every room and international adaptors are on hand if you need them.
Availability: The River Club is open year-round.
Malaria: Yes – a low risk area.
Yellow Fever: No – vaccination no longer required.


Required for most passports. Visitors to Zambia are now able to apply electronically.

Single Entry, Double Entry and Multiple Entry visas are also available at the point of entry to Zambia (a Double/ Multiple Entry visa is required should you wish to see the Falls from the Zimbabwe side).

A KAZA (Kavango Zambezi) Univisa, available on arrival for US$50, covers travel within Zimbabwe and Zambia as well as day trips to Botswana via the Kazungula border post. Check with us to see whether you are eligible for a KAZA Univisa.

Please check your requirements with your local embassy well in advance of your time of travel.

More Visa Information


Summer: The warmest months are October and November (we have air-conditioning in each suite).
Winter: June and July are warm during the day but cool in the evenings.
Rains: mid-December to April. The Zambezi reaches its highest water levels during the month of May.

What to pack

Warmer months: Light cotton trousers, cotton shorts and light cotton shirts (long and short sleeved).
Cooler months: A warm jacket or fleece for the evenings.
All year round: Comfortable walking shoes and sandals; insect repellent; sun hat; small torch; bathing suit; suntan lotion; sunglasses; camera (telephoto lens recommended); binoculars and a sense of adventure!

Cash and Credit Cards


The Zambian currency is the Kwacha (ZMK). Unless on a self-drive trip, it is generally not necessary for visitors to purchase Kwacha. It is not accepted anywhere else and local curio traders are happy to accept US$ or South African Rand in cash.

Park entry fees are only accepted in US$ and it is advisable to also have enough cash for visas.

Zambian Banks have recently announced that they will no longer accept any US$ notes minted before 2007. Please ensure you carry notes minted from 2007 upwards. 

They will also no longer accept notes in the 2006 series or ‘white’ notes.

Credit Cards:

Most businesses in Zambia are merchants only for Master or Visa credit cards.