Kosher Adventure

Zambia boasts a fascinating past as the home of one of the oldest Jewish settlements in Africa. Although Zambia’s Jewish population was always small, around 1,200 at its peak, its members included significant figures in Zambia’s economic and political life.

The history of Zambia’s once active Jewish community is a personal passion here at The River Club. The team’s enthusiasm for the subject has led them on a journey from the past to the present. Along the way, it was decided that The River Club would offer an opportunity for those seeking to visit the Zambezi River and surrounding attractions while remaining observant, to experience true Kosher dining.

The River Club has two separate, dedicated Kosher kitchens where all food prepared is kept separate from the main lodge kitchen. Both Kosher kitchens are structured according to strict kosher rules in which all cutlery, crockery, utensils and equipment are stored permanently and all food and ingredients are strictly kosher.
The beef and lamb used is imported by The River Club from a Glatt Kosher butchery in South Africa, and delicious, fresh whole skin-on Zambezi Bream is bought locally from a nearby fish farm. Fresh fruit and vegetables are sourced locally, and stock is plentiful, however, seasonal. All dairy products are purchased locally and are strictly kosher.
The River Club stocks kosher wine, however, due to limited availability in Zambia, we import a selection of kosher wines from South Africa.
Breakfast consists of a delectable spread of fruit, muffins, yoghurt and cereals, and guests are invited to order eggs cooked to their preference. To reassure our guests that we are meeting kosher practices, we leave the packaging on some food items.
The head chef provides an element of freedom to guests in their selection of lunch and dinner. The chef will notify guests of the culinary delights available that day and guests will be free to pick the dishes they desire and whether their meal will be parey or milchik.
The River Club is familiar with the Halachic requirements for Shabbat observant guests.
Kosher Kitchen 1 serves exceptional, excellent quality Kosher cuisine prepared by The River Club staff who are highly trained in Kosher dining practices. This menu is an affordable option recommended for a single person or a group of up to 10 people. Guests are invited into the kitchen to review ingredients or when necessary to light the stove as per their requirements. It’s important to us that our guests are satisfied with their kosher dining experience, which is why we invite them to be part of the process.
Kosher Kitchen 2 also serves excellent kosher cuisine, however, this kitchen is reserved for guests who want the preparation of their kosher food to be overseen by a Mashgiach. The kitchen is completely sealed at all times when not in use and no one is permitted to enter the kitchen in the interim.
This dining option is more expensive than Kitchen 1, as costs need to be covered for the Mashgiach who travels to Livingstone from Johannesburg, South Africa. We recommend this option to larger groups.