Kosher @ The Club

The history of Zambia’s small Jewish community is a personal passion for Peter Jones, an owner of The River Club. Along his enthusiastic journey through this fascinating history, Peter decided The River Club would offer an opportunity for observant guests to visit the Zambezi River and magnificent Victoria Falls.

Kosher Kitchen 1

Our Kosher Kitchen 1 offers a variety of mouth-watering menus – you won’t find ‘chazerei’ here. Kosher Kitchen 1 has been set up to follow the laws of Kashrut and guests are invited to view the set-up, or to visit during meal preparation times.

Kosher Kitchen 2

A Dedicated Kosher kitchen is available (Kosher Kitchen 2), under the supervision of the Johannesburg Beth Din, and requires a qualified Mashgiach to be present for preparation of all meals for strictly observant guests. As Livingstone does not have a resident Jewish community, should you wish to make use of this option we can put you in touch with the kitchen’s manager to arrange for a Mashgiach and kosher chef (quotes available on request). We offer the Dedicated Kosher option to groups of four or more guests staying for 3 or more nights; smaller groups are welcome to request more information regarding costs.