Kosher Dining

The history of Zambia’s small Jewish community is a personal passion for Peter Jones, an owner of The River Club. His enthusiasm for the subject has led him on a journey from the past to the present. Along the way, Peter decided The River Club would offer an opportunity for those seeking to visit the Zambezi River and Victoria Falls, while remaining observant.

Kosher Kitchen 1 and Kosher Kitchen 2 

Both kitchens are laid out according to kosher rules. All cutlery, crockery, utensils, equipment etc are stored permanently in these kitchens and used only for Kosher catering. All food and ingredients are strictly kosher. 
Beef and Lamb is especially imported by the lodge from Nussbaums Butchery in South Africa. Delicious fresh whole skin-on Zambezi Bream comes from a fish farm nearby. Sadly, kosher chicken is not available in Zambia. Fresh vegetables and fruit are seasonal and in plentiful local supply. All dairy products are kosher, purchased locally, so some items are subject to availability. 
Kosher Kitchen 1 is an affordable option aimed at groups as small as 1 person, up to 10. It serves excellent Kosher cuisine prepared by lodge staff trained in Kosher catering. 
Kosher Kitchen 2 is for those who wish their Kosher food to be overseen by a Mashgiach. It is sealed after use and no one is allowed in during the interim. Expenses are higher due to hire, accommodation, travel and transfer expenses of the Mashgiach, and usually shared between members of larger groups.

Download our Kosher Dining Fact Sheet here.