The River Club is extending flexible terms and conditions to ensure continuous confidence in booking our region. We have also put in place the required Covid-19 safety measures at the lodge to ensure the welfare of both our guests and staff.

You can download our Coronavirus Booking Policy here and our Covid-19 Protocols Policy here

We are optimistic that with sweeping measures in place, the world will overcome the pandemic and we will be able to welcome guests back soon. The River Club supports the local community from which our staff and their dependants come, whose income, food and general well-being relies solely on sustained employment. During this difficult time we are doing all we can to preserve the livelihood of our staff. We trust you will appreciate our efforts as a responsible tourism operator to achieve this goal.


Please note these terms are applicable to bookings confirmed for arrival from 1st April to 31st December 2020.

  • Subject to availability, accommodation bookings may be postponed by up to 15 months from the date of the booking, on the following basis;

 - If funds have already been received, postponement will be permitted with no increase to the accommodation rate or additional services provided in-house by The River Club. Rates on external services will be charged at operator rates at the time of the amended date.

- If no funds have been received on a confirmed booking, postponements may be charged accommodation rates applicable to the amended date of travel. This includes rates on additional services.

  • All FIT bookings may postpone, subject to the terms above, without penalty up to 14-days prior to the date of travel.
  • Group bookings may postpone, subject to the terms above, without penalty up to 21-days prior to the date of travel.
  • In cases where funds have been received and outright cancellation is requested before the applicable cancellation policy takes effect, we are truly sorry but refunds will need to be delayed until the situation has stabilised.
  • In all other cases outside the period above, whether funds have been received or not, our normal cancellation policies will apply.
  • If our cancellation policy takes effect, and you forfeit funds as a result, we will send confirmation of payment and cancellation which you can use to claim from your travel insurance.
  • With regards to pre-booked third party activities, individual operator cancellation policies will apply.

The River Club reserves the right to make changes to the above policy at any time. Industry Partners will be notified of any such changes.
The River Club Team


Group Bookings – % of Full Package Total

  • Cancellation 90 – 61 days prior to arrival: 25%
  • Cancellation 60 – 31 days prior to arrival: 50%
  • Cancellation 30 days or less prior to arrival: 100%

Independent Travelers – % of Full Package Total
High Season

  • 60 – 31 days prior to arrival: 50%
  • 30 days or less prior to arrival: 100%

Low Season

  • 30 – 15 days prior to arrival: 50%
  • 14 days or less prior to arrival: 100%

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


A COVID Track & Trace Form will be e-mailed to you for advance completion.
If you print and bring the completed document with, it will save time during the check-in process.
This is required by the Zambian Ministry of Health and Zambia Tourism Agency.
Full names, ages and nationality to be supplied in advance.
Please bring your own:
· Hand sanitiser (small personal sanitisers are for sale in the lodge shop)
· Face masks and/or gloves (locally made masks are for sale in the lodge shop)
· Pen
· Raincoat or splash-jacket for visiting Victoria Falls

· The River Club arrival transfers: 
All vehicles are thoroughly deep cleaned and sanitised before and after every transfer. This applies to our own vehicles and any 3rd party operated vehicles we may book on behalf of guests.
Guests will be asked to sanitise their hands before embarking the vehicle.
The River Club driver will wipe luggage before loading.
· On arrival at the lodge:
Immediately after disembarking the vehicle, guests will be asked to sanitise their hands.
Room hands will disinfect luggage before taking it to the rooms.

After enjoying a welcome drink, the COVID Track and Trace Form for the individual or group will be checked and finalised by the Manager handling the check-in process.
Guest temperatures will be taken and recorded on the Track and Trace Form.
The usual check-in process then continues and includes details of our safety and hygiene practices.

All guest rooms are deep-cleaned before arrival by housekeeping staff wearing masks and gloves.
Appropriate disinfectants to clean all surfaces and high-touch points are used.
During your stay, rooms are thoroughly cleaned in the morning and given another once-over during bed turn-down in the evening.
Rooms are deep-cleaned again on departure before the next guest checks in and wherever possible a period of 24-hours is given before the next occupant.

Guest laundry is handled and washed separately from staff and other laundry.
Laundry staff wear masks when handling laundry.
Laundry is washed in strong disinfectant and hot water.
Depending on weather conditions, laundry is air-dried on an enclosed under-roof washing line or in a tumble drier.
Ironing is done by a laundress wearing a mask and gloves using a steam iron.

The River Club communal spaces and surrounding grounds are the perfect setting that enables natural social distancing between groups.
People within the same group may practice their own social distancing or not, as they prefer.
Guests are reminded to please be mindful of social distancing from other groups.
As far as logistics allow, The River Club will do best to allocate one vehicle per group. In cases where this is not possible, guests are asked to practice social distancing within a shared vehicle. The same principle will apply to boat cruises.
Boats are thoroughly sanitised before and after all cruises.

The lodge kitchen practices full COVID measures and as always, anything that comes from our kitchen is healthy and safe.
Wait-staff are trained on how to deal with guests while taking orders and delivering food and beverages in a safe manner.
All meals will be served plated.
Guests may request a socially-distanced or non-socially distanced table setting.
All groups, couples and individuals will dine privately in one of our many idyllic settings.
Tables will be served by a dedicated member of the wait-staff.

All staff has been instilled with the practice of safe personal hygiene at all times.
Temperatures are taken and logged at the start of each shift.
Hands are frequently washed and sanitised.
Staff wear masks at all times.
All guest-facing staff practices social distancing.
Staff has been trained on hospitality COVID protocols by an International hotel chain here in Livingstone who operate two major hotels locally.

In the event of a guest or staff member having a temperature or is otherwise suspected of being in a state of COVID infectiousness, The River Club will be in contact with the local COVID Task Team who will come to the lodge to do a health assessment and advise if further action is required and what that action will be.
The affected guest will need to self-isolate in their room until the Task Team comes.